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Adrian Sykes

Adrian Sykes - Portrait of an artist

About the artist: Bristol based Adrian Sykes’ star is very much on the ascendant. He has established a prize-winning reputation for paintings which are both inventive and alternative, but grounded in his deep appreciation of remote
landscapes and his love for British, French and Italian townscapes. He recently visited Venice which has inspired a number of the paintings in this show.

His compositions are locations which we don't know as they are a composite of Adrian's sense of place, but with which we can readily identify. They are imbued with a special extra dimension or a story built into the image, one which is left to the viewer to interpret. They are simultaneously quirky, joyous and intriguing; they provoke a smile.

He has staged solo shows in London and this is his first solo show at Marine House although we have exhibited his work to great acclaim in the gallery and at Art Fairs in London, Singapore and Hong Kong. Awards include The Bristol Art Prize. Young Masters Art prize and The Bath Art Prize.

For more information please see Adrian's video at https://vimeo.com/211684818