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Fran Staniland

Fran Staniland

About the artist: Fran Staniland is at the forefront of a very talented group of new young British glassmakers. She has recently completed her MA in glass at Sunderland University. Her Ice Series is inspired by the dramatic blues and whites of the Columbia glacier in Canada. Her stunning designs highlight the refraction, reflection and crystal clear clarity of the ice.

Having created the overall shape, encasing the blues and ivory with clear glass, the painstaking process of cutting, grinding and polishing begins. The final piece can be likened to a cut diamond and takes weeks to complete. These are freeblown sculptural pieces as opposed to molded or cast objects - most unusual for such thick glass.

Fran comments "I am constantly excited by the possibilities of glass. The uncertainty of the medium is stimulating with the pliable nature of the hot glass contrasting so much with the precise form of the cold glass. Glass is pure and for me captures moods which are held in layers. I create free blown sculptural vessels. I add crisp cuts to emphasise contrasts and then allow the light to play over each piece for individuals to find their own inspiration from within."

Her work is immensely tactile and pleasing to both the touch and the eye.

Fran has already invited to exhibit at a major show in New York. The quality and style of her work is exceptional and Marine House at Beer are proud to showcase her glass work at the Affordable Art Fair in London this spring.