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Richard Teasdale

About the artist: Born in Warwickshire, Richard moved to Exeter in 1993. His initial interest was photography and he began painting in 1989. Richard paints in oil, acrylic and watercolour across all subject areas using both a tonal and impressionist approach producing light filled and resonant images. His interest is in working directly from the subject and where possible completing in one sitting. Using a variety of media allows a flexible approach and a broader range of painterly effects. The subject itself and the means of description through paint are the primary concern.
"The desire to draw and paint is something which I have long held and offers, I have discovered, an inexhaustible challenge"

Richard also teaches painting to groups and individuals.

Exhibitor with the Royal West of England Academy Bristol, The Royal Society of Marine Artists, Royal Institute of Oil Painters and the ING Discerning Eye - Winner of the Discerning Eye Founder's Purchase Prize 2013.