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Amanda Popham Exhibition 6-19 November 2021 Steam Gallery

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Amanda Popham Exhibition 6-19 November 2021 Steam Gallery
Amanda Popham

Amanda Popham’s celebrity as a ceramic sculptor grows from one record year to another. This is her eighteenth show at Steam Gallery. Her new collection is a cornucopia of invention, imagination and creativity.

Amanda studied at the Royal College of Art and came into contact with many inspirational artists, driving her to push the boundaries of her creativity and imagination, developing her highly original style. Her reputation was established when her work was selected by Liberty’s whom she supplied for 20 years. Her unique, imaginative, hand built earthenware figures and installations exude a natural spontaneity and are beautifully executed to the highest standard.

“The great pleasure of making things is that there is always another thing to make.”

Amanda won the INAX prize, a Japanese sponsored design award, and she is also a member of The Devon Guild of Craftsmen. She is one of Steam Gallery’s most successful artists, her creative expertise has attracted many collectors and the price of her work continues to rise.