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Andrew Coates Solo Show 29 June-12 July

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Andrew Coates

Andrew Coates – The Joy of Realism


From boyhood in New Zealand, Andrew Coates has had a long and distinguished career as a landscape artist. Never one to follow current artistic fads, Andrew has evolved a style tending towards pointillism.

This painting technique involves the constant build up of fine marks on the surface creating increasing depth, light and mood for the composition. This, as you may imagine, is a lengthy and painstaking exercise, but the results are worth it even if, as Andrew says, he sometimes wishes he had a technique that produced a painting after a day’s work not months’!

In viewing Andrew’s landscapes one must follow his compulsion to immerse himself in the scene; view close up and at a distance; let your mind transport you to the scene. Few artists achieve this, perhaps because in today’s time pressured world artists, just like us in our own hectic lives, do not have the time to slowly build and build the drama of the landscape. This getting off the fast lane is Andrew‘s great contribution to landscape painting.

In this his first solo show since 2022, Andrew has produced a set of paintings centred on one of his favourite locations, the Otter Valley and surrounding woodland in East Devon. He has also revisited his popular small urban landscapes as viewed from the air for which we have coined the term his “Metropolis” series.

Clearly catalogue photography cannot do full justice to these compositions. Like Andrew’s many collectors internationally who, in the last 25 years have acquired his work from Marine House at Beer, the viewing of the actual painting is essential in order to release their long-term depth and pleasure.


Mike Lambert

June 2024