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Bruce Marks
Bruce Marks

Most of Bruce’s recent work is sculptural, his pieces are blown in different stages and assembled hot. He concentrates on surface textures and on colours, achieving these by sand blasting, etching and carving, creating details that capture light and illuminate the piece.
Bruce is studying for his Master’s degree at The University for The Creative Arts, Farnham and currently works at Peter Layton’s London Glassblowing Workshop.

Bruce’s work is exhibited in Britain and in major galleries in the USA, South Africa and Holland. He is a member of The Glass Art Society, USA and The Contemporary Glass Society, UK

Bruce says “My birthplace, Africa, has had the greatest influence on my work. I immerse myself in the raw energy of the country and find inspiration in the traditions of everyday life, its splendour, power and spiritual beauty.

Bruce has won the 2014 Gold Medal Award in Glass awarded by Craft And Design magazine.
The Judge said;
” Bruce’s work is characterised by its strong but simple forms, technical excellence, and controlled use of colour. This is all underpinned by convincing ideas and personal influences to produce strong, consistent work that is calming, characterful and has great presence – any piece would enliven and enhance a home or gallery – especially when arranged in groups or pairs. His track record is impressive and the development and evolution of his style and form makes for a very satisfying body of work overall from the beginnings to the present day”