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Charlie O’Sullivan SWAc, Marine House

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Charlie O'Sullivan SWAc, Marine House
Charlie O'Sullivan


Charlie O’Sullivan was born in Glasgow and spent her formative years there and in Blackpool. She went on to study at Bradford College of Art. Her early career included design work for the BBC and Channel 4. However, providing art therapy for disadvantaged patients in hospitals such as Hackney, where she was the artist in residence, proved more fulfilling. These experiences formed a major component of her work when she moved to Devon with her husband and family.

Charlie has developed three distinct styles, narrative, abstract and landscape, all overlapping with her unique imprint. Her work is a joyous fusion of colour and structure. She delights in experimenting, painting and working on different surfaces; wood, canvas and aluminium. “Painting is a very solitary activity and my paintings become a conversation with myself. So it’s no surprise to me that an odd figure, an upside down house, a strange dog or teapot appears in my work…it’s only a reflection of my thoughts and memories.”

The distinguished artist, Michael Morgan, introduced Charlie to our galleries in 2009. Since then she has established herself as possibly the most significant artist to emerge from the South West in recent years. Charlie is a member of the South West Academy.