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David Walker, Marine House
David Walker


David first became excited by ceramics as a student, when he trained as an Art and Technology teacher. His interest in organic and natural forms has continued to develop Having stopped teaching, he now uses various methods to construct unique sculptural and decorative ceramic form.

Naked Raku involves applying slip to the biscuit ware and then glaze. The slip acts as a resist and allows the glaze to fall off and reveal the complex crackle patterns underneath. David likes the challenge that this process presents. Firstly, clay as a medium needs considerable work by hand to refine the form and create often delicate shapes. Each piece is then burnished to produce a smooth surface. After the biscuit firing and glazing, the pot has to be lifted whilst red hot from the kiln and plunged into sawdust. This is fraught with possible problems but exciting and somewhat dangerous!
It is the rapid cooling that produces the cracks in the glaze as the smoke burns through, depositing carbon onto the surface in an exciting and often random and unexpected way.
David has so far mainly exhibited locally with work in private and corporate collections; we are pleased to welcome him to Marine House at Beer.

A representative selection of David’s work is shown here, please contact the gallery to check availability. It may be possible to order a piece of a similar style/design if currently out of stock.