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Emma Rimer
Emma Rimer


Emma graduated from Bath College of Art and Design in 1995 and started a graphics design business. In 2010 in conjunction with her business she returned to her first love, painting.

Inspired by the beauty and random forms of nature, these studies, looking through wild meadows at low level, have wonderful vigour. She paints with brushes, fingers, rags to create the sense of spontaneity that jumps out of her work. The paintings are a mix of acrylic and oil built up and textured over multiple layers.

Perhaps as a result of her commercial experience, in late 2010, Emma “borrowed“ a shop in Arundel where she staged and promoted her own show. It proved an instant hit and was strongly praised by The Duke of Norfolk.

One of our customers drew our attention to her work and we invited Emma to exhibit in the Gallery. Emma’s paintings continue to be admired and purchased by customers both at home and abroad. Emma’s delightful sense of colour and intensity and the naturalness and freedom of her work takes the viewer to a beautiful and carefree place. No wonder then that so many customers want to bring that place into their homes!