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Francoise Dufayard, Marine House

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Francoise Dufayard, Marine House
Francoise Dufayard

Born in 1960, France

A diverse range of influences have informed the work of Françoise Dufayard. During the late 1970s Françoise studied ceramics at the Ateliers de Fontblanche in Vitrolles, then she travelled in Asia (1981-1982).

From 1983-1987 she worked for Gustave Tiffoche and Suzy Atkins.
Subsequently in 1988 she set up her studio at Rennes (Brittany) where she makes open platters, big vases, large dishes and witty teapots, using slipware techniques.

Françoise uses a red earthenware clay fired to 1040C° in a 500 litre gas kiln. She has developed a very personal interpretation of terre vernissée, or slip ware, which creates a translucent quality that gives her decoration painterly qualities not often found in this medium. This can be attributed in part to her exploration of Eastern ceramics as found on visits to Nepal, India, Burma, Thailand, Japan, Korea, China, Uzbekistan and recently Tibet. Her evident brushstrokes can be read as personal reflections of this Eastern influence.
Francoise has exhibited widely in the UK, Europe and India. In 2006 she was awarded the Sotheby’s Prize at Potfest in the Park.

A representative selection of Françoise ‘s work is shown here, please contact the gallery to check availability. It may be possible to order a piece of a similar style/design if currently out of stock.