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Fuan Wong, Steam Gallery

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Fuan Wong

Penang, Malaysia

Fuan Wong finds deep satisfaction in his work with Fused Glass sometimes known as kiln worked glass. Pieces of glass are cut to shape place over moulds and fired in a kiln. Various oxides and colouring agents are used melting either within or on the surface. The technique is ancient going back to Egyptian and Roman times, but has only been revived extensively since the middle of the 20th century.

Fuan Wong is a leading glass sculptor in Malaysia with an ever increasing international reputation. He has exhibited at the prestige Glaskunstbeurs Leerdam in Holland and widely in Australia.

Rosemary and I were truly captivated by the quality and invention in Fuan’s work when we visited Penang last year. We were so taken that we arranged for several pieces to be shipped to the gallery.
To say that the work is dramatic and eye catching is to almost understate its merit!