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Hannah Ludnow, Marine House

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Hannah Ludnow, Marine House
Hannah Ludnow


Cornish born artist Hannah Ludnow graduated from the University of Surrey with a BA in Art in 1999. Since graduating Hannah has specialised in painting the ever-changing skies and beautiful dramatic coastlines of Cornwall. Having grown up in a creative environment, Hannah painted from a very early age and has always been inspired by the beauty of Cornwall.

Like the great Cornish abstract impressionists, Peter Lanyon, Ben Nicholson and Patrick Heron, whom she greatly admires, Hannah draws her inspiration from the unique sense of light and atmosphere that the Cornish coastline provides.

As Hannah’s work is semi abstract, her paintings are rarely of an actual place. Instead they allude to a certain atmosphere which draws you in and allows you to imagine yourself there, standing on a cliff, on a beach or behind the dunes, exposed to the unpredictability of nature.

With such raw emotion captured within her paintings, Hannah is fast gaining a reputation as a seriously talented artist. As well as exhibiting widely throughout the UK, she has collectors in London, Cornwall and the Middle East.