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Harland Viney


Harland Viney grew up in Australia in a family that moved regularly, living in remote, wild and beautiful locations in the outback.

From her formative years, she always wanted to be an artist. She moved to Dorset 15 years ago, having already been in England for 10 years. In that period she studied art and photography at Bath Spa University. In her Dorset years she has taught art, which has given her time and space to develop her distinctive impressionist painting style, mostly on large canvases, in her delightful remote studio in Hardy country.

Harland is drawn to the wilder parts of nature; old ponds and wooded tracks fascinate her. Her style involves highlighting and manipulating various elements of the scene that catch her eye. There is a Hockney feel to her paintings, particularly his Yorkshire Wolds collection.

The results are compelling, imbuing the scenes with a sense of mystery and hints of the fantastical. They are thought provoking!

She has quietly built a considerable international following, helped by her nomination for the John Ruskin prize in 2017. Marine House at Beer ‘discovered’ her through Dorset Art Weeks 2022 and believe her work brings something fresh and stimulating to the world of landscape painting.