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Heidi Archer, Steam Gallery

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Heidi Archer


“Boats, coastlines, nautical paraphernalia, the moors, seasons, glimpses of images, textures and patterns in nature. Once I have a design in mind I have a fluid, evolving process on the canvas board and/or wood panel which is relatively instinctive – repeatedly reworking and layering colour, applying paint and rubbing it back, scoring and sanding.  I paint using cut cloth, paper and oil colours, however, I also use acrylics, charcoal, carborundum and other media to build up texture and base colour. I particularly love the way the erasure and layering of paint emulates the effects time has on paint and our environment. I sometimes even leave the canvas or wooden boards quite bare in areas to utilise their beautiful natural texture”.

Heidi is well known in the South West for her wonderful semi abstract reflections of the South West coastal and rural landscape. She has also been invited to exhibit her work at the Society of Women Artists’ Annual Exhibitions.