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Jo March Solo Show 11-24 June

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Jo March
Jo March

There are few artists who, like Constable in paint or Thomas Hardy in words, speak so strongly of “their native heath.” Jo March is one of this special grouping.

Jo lives and breathes rural Cornwall, the land of her birth. Her paintings are reflective and represent memories of gentler less rushed times when the landscape was an intricate pattern of fields, hedges and woods; where cottagers had joy in their family and neighbours, the passing seasons, the natural world and the slow changing rhythm of rural life.

All this and more is captured by Jo in her evocative and contemplative pastoral compositions. You may not recognize precise locations. This is clearly intentional, but you will most certainly empathise instinctively with her expression of deep-seated longing for “les temps perdus.”

The title of her show, “HOME”, is inspired by the poem of the same name by the early twentieth century poet Edward Thomas. Its first line “often I had gone this way before” captures the emotions and collective memories embedded in Jo’s work.

She was made a Bard of Gorsedh Kernow in 2021, a Cornish body similar in inspiration to the Welsh Eisteddfod, which celebrates Cornwall in all its facets. Her election citation said “for promoting and recording Cornwall’s unique history, culture, identity and landscape through painting.”

Jo’s love of landscape touches deeply held emotions in the British psyche, no matter our location. Marine House is proud to represent such an important and joyous artist whose work has deservedly achieved international standing.

Mike Lambert

May 2022