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John Donaldson, Steam Gallery
John Donaldson


John was born in 1945 in Lewes, East Sussex. By the time he was a teenager he was painting and exhibiting, encouraged by his grandfather, himself a gifted painter. Creativity is the major part of John’s life and has included design, landscape and a love of architecture and music. However, after meeting his wife John decided to follow his true vocation as an artist, settling in Devon with his family to paint.

With light and the weather guiding his work, John’s subjects have ranged from the South Downs, the Ouse Valley and streets of Lewes in his early years, to London’s Thames, Cornwall, Devon and Dorset. Currently as well as his beautifully observed studies of local subjects John also loves to paint relaxing continental destinations such as, Brittany, the Cote d’Azur, the Midi of France, and the Italian Riviera.

John says “Over the years, my sketches, studies and paintings have become less structured in appearance. I suppose the more intuitive and personal marks made at the time helped me to remember not just the details of the subject, but the feelings evoked by it.” “I have a list of images yet to paint, as well as themes to revisit, enough to last a lifetime. Another lifetime.”

John’s work might seem familiar, you may have glimpsed his highly popular images on a beautiful card. John has enjoyed numerous successful international exhibitions and is firmly established as a leading UK artist. At Steam Gallery we are thrilled to exhibit John’s enchanting local studies.