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Mary Pym
Mary Pym

Mary was born in The Hague, Holland. She later moved to England where she studied at Winchester College of Art. Her first solo show was in Southampton in 1965. She graduated from a Post Graduate Experimental Painting Course at Southampton College of Art in 1978 and taught part time from 1985. Her work is instantly recognisable, binding nature to its man-made additions through abstract design, texture and colour. Her sharp yet serene perception of the visual world reaches into all her works, which resonate a sense of timelessness and space. Her vibrant, yet subtle colours often arranged in geometric relationships with each other, create uncluttered landscapes whose lonely beauty is skilfully depicted.

Mary is a unique and important artist. As well as successful shows at Marine House, Mary has exhibited extensively, including in London at The Royal Academy, Llewellyn Alexander and the Mall Galleries. Her work is much enjoyed and collected by her many admirers.