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Peter Layton
Peter Layton


Born in Prague and brought up in England, Peter Layton studied at Bradford College of Art and the Central School of Art and Design, London. During the mid 60’s, while teaching ceramics at the University of Iowa, he chanced upon glassblowing. On his return to England he set up a small glassblowing studio at his pottery in Scotland; a glassblowing department at Hornsey College of Art and in 1976 he established his London Glassblowing workshop in Rotherhithe. Here he worked with and trained many glass artists, including Siddy Langley who also exhibits at the Gallery. Peter Layton is one of the world’s most widely respected glass artists and he has done much to promote glassmaking as an art form in Europe. Now in his eighties, Layton says,

“I have so much I still want to do… there are always new ideas, techniques and other challenges to master.’
Layton’s colourful pieces are unique and express the seductive fluid qualities of this versatile medium. A must for anyone interested in fine glass art.”

He is a founder member and past chair of both British Artists in Glass and the Contemporary Glass Society and is a Freeman of the City of London. His work is collected worldwide. Major exhibitions include shows in Paris, Chicago and San Francisco and public collections include the V & A, the Fitzwilliam and the National Museum of Scotland. He has received an Honorary Doctorate of Letters from the University of Bradford.