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Sarah Rooms-Heaphy, Steam Gallery

Works Available

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Sarah Rooms-Heaphy

Sarah studied Fashion & Textiles, obtaining a BA (Hons) in Embroidery at Nottingham University, followed by a City & Guilds Part 1 in Creative Studies (Ceramics) in which she was Highly Commended.

TECHNIQUE Original hand-made primarily porcelain vessels, inspired by nature, these works are crafted using paper clay. She spends time collecting shells, ammonites and leaves to use in pieces inspired by the sea and coastline. These are used to make plaster moulds to create relief images. The textural work is hand built and then decorated with delicate washes of colours and oxides to heighten the design, whilst some are left plain and rely on sunlight and candle light to shine through their porcelain translucency.

COMMENT Sarah’s work is based on observations of the Jurassic Coast of East Devon, combining textures to represent this unique landscape. Her work is most notably being featured in the British Museum’s Ice Age Art exhibition. The images on our website are representative of the pieces of Sarah’s beautiful ceramics available in the gallery.