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Scarlet Tiger Ceramics

Husband and wife team Sue and Andrew Ling are behind this recently formed creative enterprise. After a lifetime appreciating and collecting ceramics, glass and assorted works of art, the decision was made to pool their business experience and love of art into one rewarding venture, with the aim of bringing colour and a zest for happiness into people’s homes. Sue’s talents as an amateur artist have been combined with Andrew’s career skills in marketing and design, together with his long-time passion for sculpting wood.

Design and technique:
Sue and Andrew have developed an ever broadening range of earthenware containers with a practical use and an overarching essential, that they be decorated in colourful, fluid designs. The Jewel Range in particular is a flamboyant riot of colour whilst other designs have their roots in the natural world of flora and fauna, using influences and experiences from around the world (Scarlet Tiger is a particularly colourful British moth).
The Lings want their customers to pick up their creations and read the ‘story’ in the design that has flowed freely from Sue’s artistic imagination and whilst Sue creates her magic from her designs, Andrew is driven by developing precise hand-made moulds from which emerge perfectly fired ceramic pieces.

Customers have described Scarlet Tiger as making ‘Mini works of Art’ but as long as people gain happiness from their purchase, Sue and Andrew feel they have achieved the goal that they originally set for themselves