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Sue Luxton SWAc


Sue Luxton has been living in the West Country for many years. She completed a Degree in Illustration at UWE and has been painting and exhibiting for the last twenty years or so.

​Like most artists Sue fills endless sketch books with drawings, bits of paper and scribbled notes. Sue told us “If I am away from home at the end of the day I settle down with my drawings, ancient watercolour box and a glass of wine and as I say, ‘colour them in’. When I return home to the studio, I don’t look at the drawings for months until I can see them afresh.” ​Nowadays Sue includes more figures in her paintings, adding a narrative.

She regards painting as problem solving, finding the drawing that makes her heart leap and developing it into an unattainable composition of harmonious shapes and colour. We are delighted to welcome Sue to exhibit in Steam Gallery.

In 2016 Sue was awarded the first prize for work on paper at the South West Academy of Fine and Applied Arts (SWAc) Open Exhibition and was also chosen as the winner of the annual ‘Open Drawing’ competition at the ‘Plough Arts Centre’ in Torrington. In the 2018 Open Exhibition with the SWAc, Sue was awarded the Brownston Gallery Prize for painting. Finally In January 2019 she was elected to be an Academician by SWAc.