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Tom Hughes, Marine House

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Tom Hughes, Marine House
Tom Hughes


Tom originally wanted to be a professional snowboarder, “but I wasn’t quite good enough, so my second choice was to make a full time living from my art”. He has achieved this with great success since 2005.

His painting splits into two disciplines. The first is working “en plein air” travelling with his paint box in a backpack, looking for the perfect view or composition and painting small pieces to capture the moment. “I adore the outdoors, just being out there immersed in the elements, is as rewarding to me as making the paintings themselves”.

The second discipline is studio work. “I love painting large and when I’m indoors I have the time, space and controlled lighting to change pace and slow down. I plan my compositions carefully and paint in 4-5 layers over the course of many days. Studio painting is where I get to use all the info and skills I have collected whilst working outside and focus more on scale, impact and a singular vision”.


Tom has won numerous awards, including “Best Emerging Artist” at National Open Art 2016 and the Critics Prize at The New English Art Club 2015. His work has been featured in many publications including Artists and Illustrators and The Artist. Tom also hosts a YouTube series “Thoughts on Painting”.