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Adrian Sykes

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About the artist: Imagination Unrestrained

Adrian Sykes’ creative juices and artistic skills are the sort of treasure trove galleries are always seeking.

Until 2017 Adrian juggled two successful careers. He was the flautist for the well-known band Sheelanagig which among other successes headlined at Glastonbury. At the same time his painting career was burgeoning with rewards and recognition flowing his way. He therefore decided, with encouragement from his wife who wanted to see him occasionally, to stop touring. A good decision as his talent and success is very evident as this catalogue attests.

Marine House has the privilege of exclusively representing this outstanding Bristol based artist. This is his third solo show at the gallery.

Adrian’s paintings have a unique combination of virtues. They are both inventive and imaginative. He produces them with confident brush strokes in warm, rich colours. Some catch the spirit and charm of a place such as Venice and Northern Mill towns created by him from past visits allied to a fertile imagination. In contrast others can present a fairy tale quality or sense of isolation and peace. They nearly always have a light, amusing or quirky element at play. Perspective is manipulated, the works frequently enjoy vertiginous challenges.

A winner of many awards, Bristol based Adrian’s work attracts enthusiasts worldwide. To fully comprehend his creative depth do please view on our web his two videos of truly large and impressive works he completed for a major international company’s HQ.

Adrian says:
“I like to add humour and quirkiness with bright colours which I hope give the paintings a lightness and optimism. I aim to capture a sense of 'hopefulness and peace' but sometimes enjoy adding slightly unnerving or even comic elements. Often by exaggerating the ‘impossibility’ or ‘eccentricity’ of a dwelling or passageway it draws attention to its significance in our lives.”

We hope these uplifting paintings thrill you as much as they do us!

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