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Adrian Sykes - Solo Exhibition

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About the artist: Adrian Sykes is a gifted artist whose compositions straddle invention and reality. They are beautifully painted in oils with a mellow and expressive colour palette. They are alternative and quirky; viewers warm to them and enjoy the visual exploration they demand. They generate smiles and comments; they stimulate the imagination. His paintings have character and stand out. They are fun.
It comes as no surprise therefore to discover the ever-increasing popularity of Bristol based Adrian’s work. He won the Young Masters Prize in 2012 and has subsequently won the Bristol Arts Prize and The Bath Arts Prize. He has staged solo shows in London and working with Marine House at Beer held a sell out show here in 2017 as well as generating much success with us at art fairs in London, Hong Kong and Singapore.
The new works in this catalogue are the product of a truly fertile imagination coupled with Adrian’s outstanding ability as an artist. Adrian comments:
“With most of my works I try to express a feeling of joy and happiness. I like to add humour and quirkiness along with bright colours which I hope give the paintings a lightness and optimism. I aim to capture a sense of 'hopefulness and peace' but sometimes enjoy adding slightly unnerving or even comic elements. I use distorted scale such as high walls, tiny windows, elongated ladders, towering cliffs, tall trees, and long winding paths to present visual challenges and to add drama to the moment.”