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Charlie and Izzie O'Sullivan

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About the artist: “ANOTHER PAGE” - A mother and daughter collaboration

Charlie and Izzie O’Sullivan, mother and daughter, are beginning their artistic collaboration as they settle into their new studio near Totnes in the South Hams. They share a fascination with narratives, Izzie focusing on the historic and Charlie on the personal. Both take inspiration from their surroundings in the fruitful Devon countryside; Charlie paints freely finding the painting develops organically, whereas Izzie’s work, often more experimental, embraces new and old technologies alike.

Charlie’s work:

Charlie O’Sullivan’s method of painting has an emphasis on the interpretation of personal
experience. It is increasingly developing an experimental approach, focusing on the interplay between the subject observed and the compositional arrangements within the artwork itself. For her, the act of painting lies between control and chance, intuition and skill, underpinned with a continuous level of infectious excitement!

About Charlie O’Sullivan

Charlie O’Sullivan has been Marine House at Beer’s most successful artist since she was introduced to us by the much loved and distinguished artist Michael Morgan RI over a decade ago. This is her seventh solo show at the gallery and we have also exhibited her work with great success in London, Edinburgh, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Charlie was born in Glasgow and spent most of her early years in Blackpool. Inspired by art and design, she graduated from Bradford School of Art. Her brilliantly colourful and complex works are an ever changing melange of narrative, landscape and abstract influences. The results are quite simply exciting and stimulating!

Izzie’s Work:

Izzie O’Sullivan accumulates histories and personal narratives to translate statements on politics, the environment and class systems. Drawing from the everyday she is fascinated by the theory of Ethnographic Surrealism, observing her environment, yet not being confined to the factual. Her interdisciplinary practice experiments with technologies, form and texture with mediums such as stereoscopes, latex, metal and clay. She has also become a pioneer with 3D printing.

About Izzie O’Sullivan:

This is Izzie’s first experience of exhibiting at a major gallery. She has just graduated from Goldsmiths, University of London, with a 1st class degree, having previously achieved a distinction from Plymouth College of Art for her Foundation Degree in Art and Design.

Some of the work created for the show by both Izzie and Charlie is inspired by Beer Quarry Caves only a mile from the gallery. The limestone fuelled some of the monumental building in the UK such as Exeter Cathedral and Hampton Court as well as the lives of the men and children that worked them.