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Charlie O'Sullivan

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Charlie O’ Sullivan is one of a select band of artists celebrated for the sheer joie de vivre that is embedded in every painting. Her works are reflective, refresh the soul with their kaleidoscope of colours, visual treats and intriguing stories.
Many of Charlie’s paintings have a narrative inspired by moments in her life with memories and events often reaching back to childhood. Perhaps the point of inspiration is an overheard conversation on a South Hams beach or maybe some old “treasures” found in a junk shop from which Charlie generates a story or simply the joy of walking her dog in the South Devon countryside.
Her compositions are uplifting. I am frequently regaled with comments from collectors telling me that a scan of their Charlie before breakfast sets the whole day off to a good start!
This show which combines landscape with narrative studies painted both on wood and canvas simply reinforces the deep well of inspiration that Charlie draws on.
Charlie hails from Glasgow and is an alumna of the Bradford School of Art where David Hockney and the great glass maker Peter Layton studied.
After graduation she worked as artist in residence at institutions for disadvantaged people in Scotland and London and then as a freelance designer and illustrator for Channel 4 and for the BBC.
She married and moved to Devon and started working full time as an artist. In 2008 Michael Morgan RI, one of Devon’s most celebrated and sadly missed artists suggested that we” take a look” at the work of “this exciting young artist.”
Since that serendipitous recommendation Charlie quickly established herself as our gallery’s leading artist. International success followed as we presented her work in Hong Kong and Singapore.
She was selected as an Academician to the South West Academy of Fine and Applied Arts in 2012.