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Emma Macfadyen

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Emma says, “Sculpture is my passion, animals being my favourite subject. Horses are a specialty and I have a great interest in wildlife.
I try to capture movement and presence in the animal and am fascinated by anatomy.
Growing up on a farm in Devon, surrounded by animals I was always drawing and painting, encouraged by my parents.
I started sculpting about 12 years ago and learnt how to cast my clay models into bronze using the ‘lost wax’ process.
This is the same technique used by the ancient Greeks and Chinese to cast their wonderful, bronze sculptures.
All the work available is cast in bronze and in very limited editions”.
Lost-wax casting:
The original sculpture has a mould made and then melted wax is poured into the mould and a very precise replica is produced now made of wax. The wax is then covered with a refractory {heat resistant} shell, this is then baked to harden the shell and melt out the wax. Molten bronze is then poured into the refractory shell.
When the metal has hardened the shell can be broken away and the sculpture revealed. This is a simplified version but has changed little over the centuries, though variations in technique have been developed in different areas of the world
Emma has undertaken many commissions, including UK racehorse of the year and several Olympic horses. She has also won awards for worldwide, wildlife filmmakers competitions featuring cattle, dogs and horses.

* not in gallery but may be available