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Frank Wilson

Frank Wilson

About the artist: Frank lives in Somerset.

Frank is a direct metal sculptor, this began while he was in practice as a GP where he had an attachment to Orthopaedic Surgery in Yorkshire. In this work he became aware of the mechanics involved in surgical techniques and having learned to weld developed his own style. Frank moved to Somerset in 2000 and his work really progressed. He specialises in making steel sculptures mainly in the form of minimalist human figures in pairs or larger groups. Frank is fascinated by the way such a hard material as steel can be made to take on a soft organic quality, allowing the relationship between figures to show through. His style lends itself to bespoke chess sets with steel figures in postures befitting their function. Frank also produces many abstract works including candelabras.

Each piece of Frank’s work is unique and strikingly individual and ideal for a distinctive wedding present or a gift for any occasion. A representative selection of Frank's work is shown here, please contact the gallery to check availability. It may be possible to order a piece of a similar style/design if currently out of stock.