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Gillian Acreman

Gillian Acreman

About the artist: Gillian has been working as a potter since leaving teaching in 1995. She works from her pottery studio in Wayford, a tiny hamlet on the Somerset/Dorset border. Gillian produces pieces of high fired stoneware and porcelain. The work shown at Marine House is from a series in fine white porcelain, hand built or thrown and coloured with slips, stains and oxides. The pots are usually left unglazed. The textured marks on the surface of these pieces create abstract images suggestive of both natural geology and the effects of man’s influence on the earth’s crust. They are reflections of the eroding and altered landscape. Colour is used to evoke or reinforce the effects of light and weather and of seasonal change upon these landscapes.

“I try to infuse the pots with the sign and traces of the passage of time and to catch a little earth, water and sky in each pot”

Gillian is a member of the Somerset Guild of Craftsmen and has enjoyed a great deal of success exhibiting in the West Country.