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Harry Brioche

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Born in the Seychelles in 1965 of Creole and American parentage Harry moved to England in 1980 with his parents and sister, and embraced his new land and culture.
Harry considers himself a self-taught artist in spite of attending Art School. Following an ultimatum by his college lecturers to conform with the institution’s style and methods of painting or leave, he ultimately decided to go it alone!
This was followed by a career as a highly successful illustrator and graphic designer, but Harry eventually became a full time painter.
From an early age Harry was captivated by the drama and beauty of the atmospheric ever changing British sky and landscape, which was in sharp contrast to that of the Seychelles. This inspiration continues to be ever present in his painting.
Harry says “The landscape is almost incidental, my main objective is to capture the atmosphere and 'spirit' of a place. Ultimately it is the mood and light within the painting which becomes the central theme. As an artist I paint subjects that inspire me, and bring me, and hopefully others, pleasure.”
Harry’s work is regularly exhibited at the Mall Gallery in London through the NEAC, ROI and the RBA annual exhibitions. These atmospheric paintings hang in many private and corporate collections.