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John Hammond

John Hammond

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About the artist: FOLLOW THE SUN

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Almost twenty years have passed since Marine House at Beer first exhibited John Hammond’s paintings. They are perennially popular because of John’s great gift of capturing the true essence of place in his compositions.

Underpinning all, as he comments below, is his fascination with light’s infinite variety, so ably captured in his work.
Over the years John has staged many successful solo shows. In these he has depicted a wide range of subject matter. Paris, the Riviera, Capri, Majorca, the French and English countryside, beach scenes and Stratford upon Avon are but some. But he frequently revisits various locations which perhaps gives a clue to his favourites. These undoubtedly include London, the Devon Coast, Tuscany and Venice.

To complement these, John is a master of interior scenes such as cafes, restaurants, hotels and music venues. There is a fine selection of these in this catalogue. His stunning use of reflections and shadow achieves prominence in these works.

John’s technique has also evolved. Returning to his studio with his sketch pad he used to pencil in the outline of the composition. This he has dispensed with applying confident mark making and juxtaposition of tones, colour and depth directly to the painting. The result, I suggest, is liberating, making his work freer and more expressive.

This exhibition gives full rein to this freedom underpinned by John’s greatest gift, the mastery of light.

John Hammond observes:
“So, what will you paint next?” It’s a question I’m often asked, and the answer is of course deceptively simple - “Light”.
For as long as I can remember one of the most compelling things that drives me to paint is the fascination of light and its unique and fleeting property, its ability to describe form and space, temperature and atmosphere, and to define the very essence of a place. Light can be artificial or natural, direct, reflected, cool or warm, subtle or vivid, infinitely varied, and elusive. Perhaps in its most joyous form, light comes to us as sunshine. To paint sunshine is to paint life, and to capture its warmth and glow in paint is an absolute joy. With this collection of work we are filling the gallery with a celebration of that sunlight and the joy that it brings. Maybe rather than what will you paint next, the question should have been “Where will you paint next?” and the answer in this case was quite simply “I’ll follow the sun”.

Mike Lambert
January 2020