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John Hammond

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John Hammond has been represented by Marine House at Beer since 2001 and this will be his 10th solo show here.

The title ”Irresistible Places” reflects John’s enviable task of seeking out special and inspirational spots to capture with his brushes and paint.

For this new exhibition John has developed two new themes. One theme is a body of work capturing the changing Thames just west of London. Evocative spots such as Strand on the Green near Chiswick are revealed to great delight by his deft brush work and colour selection.
A second grouping which has truly excited him is his splendid small studies of musicians playing in cafés and bars.
Then of course there are perennial favourites such as Beer and cathedral interiors. In all a wonderful and stimulating grouping of paintings which reinforce John’s status as one of Britains top artists working in the acrylic medium.