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Lys Flowerday

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Lys Flowerday graduated with an MA in Illustration at the Royal College of Art, after studying Fine Art at the Slade School. This background, plus a scholarship to the Ecole de La Cambre in Brussels, combined with a broad professional experience in traditional animation both in London and in France has led her to develop a diverse and intriguing approach to her art.

Her paintings are often a mixture of real and imaginary, with an all pervading sense of mystery. Traditional methods of working are seamlessly mixed with her own modern twist; hand-drawn images are subtly blended and woven with discarded papers: a choreography of cut-outs, dense compositions of colliding figures and elements.

Lys has been commissioned to produce designs for museums, artwork for theatre and festivals, illustrations for performances, literary reviews and children’s books.

Playful, rigorous and sometimes surreal, Marine House at Beer are delighted to offer Lys’s fascinating detailed and intricately handcrafted works.