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Mark Zytynski

About the artist: Some of Mark’s favourite subjects are trees and woodlands .He says “trees provide us with food, shelter, shade and fuel but also possess a natural beauty of form. This is not only true for a single tree but also for woodlands and tree-filled landscapes as well as for the individual elements that make up a tree – its fruit, seeds, buds, flowers, leaves and bark.”
Mark has a love for open country, especially up in the hills.
“ I find it a constant challenge to convey in a image that special emotion I feel after having climbed up a mountain, of being alone and yet connected to the unspoilt landscape, maybe sheltering from the wind in a rocky outcrop and looking at the distant views. My prints and artworks try to capture some of this beauty and convey the pleasure I feel in the presence of trees and woodlands or when I'm up "on the tops".
Mark uses a professional digital camera - a Nikon D800E - to capture the initial photographs and processes them using a combination of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to create the final images ready for printing. His aim in processing is to create an artwork that will evoke the same feeling in the observer that he experienced in the field.
Mark also produce photography books - the most recent being a luxury large-format "coffee-table" edition entitled "Kensington Gardens Treescapes".