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Mary Liddell

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Mary studied at Chelsea School of Art for her foundation course and then in the early 1980s at Central School of Art where she obtained her BA in Fine Art under the tutelage of the renowned surrealist and visionary painter Cecil Collins. Her work comprises landscapes with a preference for coastal subjects and many still life/flower pieces executed in her garden studio. “I love to work “alla prima” in landscape, to try and capture the essence, the mood and light of that day in that place with colour and vibrancy of brush stroke. In contrast, I love to work in my studio, which has a special atmosphere being in the trees above a unique quarry garden and wildlife sanctuary, my still lives are made of everyday objects, fruit and flowers and bits of china particularly lustreware, for its luminescence and colour.” Some of Mary’s paintings are built up over longer periods, building up layers and using glazes, which gives them an astonishing luminosity.

Mary spent 5 years in New Zealand from 2008-2013 She exhibited successfully at the NZ Affordable Art fair and had solo exhibitions at the Farsite Gallery in Petone and Thistle Hall. Mary has exhibited widely