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Matt Horne

About the artist: Matt Horne trained at Astor College of Arts, Dover, Kent, followed by a 2 year apprenticeship in an established pottery where he experimented more with various different techniques including stoneware clay, turning, glazing and firing.
In 2008 Matt made the decision to set up his own ceramics studio and specialize in Crystalline glazing. All of his Crystalline work is hand thrown using high quality porcelain.
At the start of 2010 he became a member of The Sussex Guild and exhibits at most of their shows as well as galleries and shops throughout the UK.

Crystalline glazing is time consuming and expensive to produce. There can be many failures but when all goes well the effects are stunning.

All my pots are hand thrown in porcelain, one of the most difficult clays to throw, especially large pots.
Crystalline glaze is mixed using a variety of ingredients, some measured in minute amounts. It is applied very thick, up to 4mm to encourage the glaze to run.

The pot is then placed on a pedestal and stands in a dish, to catch the run-off during the firing. When the kiln reaches the maximum temperature (up to 1300c)it is then rapidly cooled to a specific holding temperature. This is the time when the crystals grow in the glaze. The amount of time held at this temperature contributes to the size of the crystals, which occurs randomly, making each piece unique.
When all has cooled down, there is the delicate operation of removing the pot from the pedestal and grinding the bottom smooth.

PRSDA Award for Special Achievement In The
Arts and The Town Mayor of Dover's Trophy for 3D Art.

A representative selection of Matt's work is shown here, please contact the gallery to check availability. It may be possible to order a piece of a similar style/design if currently out of stock.