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Mervyn Goode

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Mervyn is one of the country’s leading and most respected traditional landscape painters. Initially he studied Landscape Architecture at the Gloucester College of Art but once he turned to painting, his career flourished.
The Sunday Times art critic describes him as a painter “who is in love with trees, nature, reality, creation and peace itself.”
His prestigious career has featured numerous solo exhibitions, in London, the provinces and as far afield as the US.
Mervyn is not a prolific artist, his joy lies as much in the experience of seeking out the subject matter as the execution of the painting itself. The two disciplines are, for him, inextricably bound into one creative process. He is an artist who views the landscape from an intimate viewpoint rather than seeking out the obvious.
Mervyn’s influences are both the great traditional landscapists such as Constable but also the French Impressionists-Sisley, Monet and Pissarro. Whilst absorbing these influences, Mervyn has developed a style which, whilst it has evolved, remains recognisably his own.
As a gallery we have been seeking a traditional landscape artist worthy of joining our esteemed group of artists. Mervyn has most certainly filled that position perfectly.