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Nigel Sharman Hannah Ludnow

About the artist: Two prominent London artists are jointly exhibiting new works presented in this catalogue. Hannah Ludnow and Nigel Sharman are highly respected semi-abstract painters, whose work, while very different, is simultaneously inspired by their approach to colour and composition. Though both artists work and live in London, their roots are firmly in the South West.


Following art and design qualifications at Brighton university, Nigel found his artistic motivation via great Cornish abstract impressionists. As Nigel wryly comments he puts his real education down to, ''being dragged round the galleries of West Penwith in Cornwall as a small boy by my father and introduced to work by Alfred Wallis and Ben Nicholson.''

“By painting mostly from memory, I feel freed up to explore the relationships between shapes, colours and texture. In this sense, the subject becomes less important than the deep sense of calm I am trying to create.” He is drawn to play with perspective and distils compositions down to their core vital components.

For Nigel, it is all about the excitement of seeing a painting come to life through applying layers of texture and quickly applied oil paint. His focus is on creating abstraction through removing some of the traditional conventions of representation from his varied subject matter such as a landscape, a harbour, boats, a still life, or a nude. As Nigel observes:

“I have always loved Cornish primitive art for its simplicity and am equally drawn to Japanese prints, Rothko’s mesmerising and subtle layering of colour and Morandi’s deceptively simple and sophisticated compositions.”

Since leaving college in the late ‘80s, Nigel has steadily increased the visibility of his work both in the UK and internationally in New York, Southern Africa and the Far East, building his reputation as an artist who has a particular concern for the vital roles of colour and carefully controlled composition.


“I grew up by the coast in Cornwall and spent my informative years in the South West of England. The amazing light, the huge and ever-changing skies and beautiful dramatic coastlines, became etched into memory and form the heart and soul of my compositions.”

Hannah also attributes her style to artists such as Ben Nicholson, and Peter Lanyon and Patrick Heron. Their works inspired her to capture this unique sense of light and moods of the Cornish coastline, portraying it in semi abstract form. Strongly atmospheric as if you were standing on a cliff, on a beach or behind the dunes, exposed to the unpredictability of nature.

“As I paint entirely from memory never from photos or outdoors, I start with remembering a moment, and how that moment felt. I then strive to capture the light and the feelings a place might evoke in the viewer, often a special and private moment, where the vastness and beauty of the landscape around you brings a sense of perspective, clarity and calm.”

Hannah has of late found further source of inspiration in the work of Turner with his amazing portrayal of turbulent light creating an impact which she endeavours to emulate in the paintings in this show.
“I’m inspired by the patterns nature creates – the force of the elements against the landscape, and the art it creates by itself with erosion and decomposition against rock, sands, and man-made objects”
Hannah paints from her studio in North London. She has amassed a wide group of collectors from showing her work in London and internationally. At Marine House we have taken her paintings to both Hong Kong and Singapore again with sell out success. This is her first major show in the gallery.