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Olivia Pilling

Olivia Pilling, from her studio in Manchester, is more than just an artist to watch. Her impressionist, bold, colourful painting style, influenced by the Fauvist Movement whose greatest artists were Matisse and Derain, has made her an art sensation.
Few contemporary artists can claim total sell out solo shows. Olivia has achieved this twice, most recently this year with a major set of works observing circus life some of which commanded prices of up to £8000. The attraction is the vibrancy, energy and observation she embodies in her art.
Marine House has been selected by Olivia as her first gallery in the south of England. Here you can see studies with a seaside flavour, fishing for crabs, Punch and Judy, or busy vistas of St Ives are part of her repertoire.
We believe her following at Marine House will emulate her great success in the North West.