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Peter Barker

Peter Barker

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From an early age Peter exhibited an innate ability to draw and paint, at 14 winning a Ford national painting competition. He has been a professional artist since 1983. He paints in both oils and pastel and his passion is to portray landscapes and seascapes in all seasons and settings. Perhaps his signature work is his treatment of lowland English river scenes.
“If the viewer can feel the heat of the summer’s day and almost hear the rustling reeds and buzzing of the insects and call of the birds, or detect the crunch of frosty grass and squint at low sunlight piercing through trees, then I have hit the mark and achieved what I wanted”

In addition his depiction of animals in pastel brings them to life down to the hairs on their muzzles!

Peter has staged many successful solo and joint shows in East Anglia, Broadway and at Marine House. He is a regular exhibitor at The Pastel Society, the Royal Society of Marine Artists and the Royal Institute of Oil Painters (ROI) at the Mall Gallery in London. Peter’s awards include the Ranelagh Press Award for “an outstanding small oil” at the ROI in 2009 and also the Stanley Grimm award for “the public’s favourite painting” at the same show.