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Philip Vanier

About the artist: PHILIP VANIER
Philip was sixteen years old when, jointly with his father Bernard, we staged a show of their work at Marine House. This was nineteen years ago and the event remains strong in the minds of many art lovers and especially those who bought their work. The show was a sell out and attracted wide TV and media attention.
Philip’s work expressed a maturity far beyond his years. The paintings had emotion and vitality built in and his bold and confident use of oil paint and selection of colours made his work compelling. Many of the paintings reflected scenes around the woods and beaches near his family home near Colyton.
Today his work is a frequent subject for reminiscence as sadly for his collectors, following art school in London, he migrated to a career in publishing, PR and communications.
Now married with two children, Philip’s thoughts have recently returned to his love for landscape painting. Brushes and oil paints have been refreshed. The result is his first body of work since his earlier creative days.
The old confidence and excitement is still very much present. His work is spirited and engages the viewer. He has returned to old compositional haunts as well as studies of the wonderful Tuscan countryside near the family’s holiday home.
We, at Marine House, feel privileged to offer old and new collectors alike this fine group of paintings.