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Sarah Bee

Sarah graduated with a BA honours degree in Graphic Design at Maidstone College, Kent. She then worked for The National Magazine Company in graphics followed by work in the film and photography industry as a body painter and make-up artist. She focused on painting once at the Heatherleys School of Fine Art where she painted with the Blockley Group, whose members included, Martin Procter, the late Michael Morgan, Moira Huntly to name a few and led by the late, great, John Blockley.
Sarah is constantly inspired by the visual commotion of the landscape and strives to capture the interplay of light, atmosphere and texture. The challenge ultimately is to portray the various juxtapositions of the natural world, ‘the scratchiness of the undergrowth next to the flat expanse of the sea’, ‘the gnarly trunk of a tree against a brooding sky’
‘I developed a mixed media approach whilst painting with the Blockley Group and find a layered combination of materials gives my work depth and energy. Painting for me is about capturing the heart of that moment of seeing, distilled, perhaps heightened and above all-alive.’
Among Sarah’s vast array of awards the most recent were ‘The Artist Publishing Award’ and ‘The People's Award’ at the 2018 SWAc Open Show.
We are delighted to have Sarah’s expressive, energetic mixed media work here at Marine House.