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Wendy Lowis-Bates

About the artist: Born into a family of artists and animal lovers, Wendy was inspired from an early age by her mother’s characterful dog portraits and her own unusual menagerie of bees, butterflies, newts and frogs. Having lived with her grandmother in Hawaii where she enjoyed the wonderful marine life, she often holidayed with her aunt in Africa and became enamoured with the native wild animals.
Wendy has worked as a jewellery designer for the past 19 years and has sold her work throughout the South West. She discovered a feeling for sculpture at her first class with the great sculptor, Clare Trenchard and has now been working as a sculptor herself for 18 months. This is the beginning of her sculptural creative journey and she is very excited to see where it will take her. Wendy says: “I like to engage fully with the animal, befriending him (if I can) and feeling his body with my hands. I find that I can almost touch the soul of the animal and this helps me to bring life and depth to the physicality of the animal sculptures.”