Ocean View

John Hammond Solo Show – Summer Escapes

John Hammond, distinguished landscape painter and fellow of the South West Academy of Fine and Applied Arts (SWAc) is back for another eagerly awaited solo show at Marine House at Beer from 26 March – 8 April 2022.

John delights in ‘en plein air’ painting. He makes detailed sketches and then returns to his studio to build up layers of colour, light, and texture. With a sensuous play on visual clues, his delicate handling of paint conveys a compelling sense of place.

From the coastal landscapes of South West England, to a vibrant French café, or to the dappled reflections bouncing off Venice’s waterways, John is a true master of his subject. His painting methods have been the subject of several books and even a film! He originally trained at Wimbledon Art College before obtaining an honours degree at Bath Academy of Art in 1982.

Well-known for his unique style, leaning towards Post-Impressionist, John’s ability to communicate the differing light he encounters whist travelling at home and abroad is what distinguishes his works. This new collection of paintings simply reinforce his mastery of light.  As John comments “I always know a painting is successful if it tugs at my heart strings and pulls me back to a time and a place”.

Having spent the greater part of two years creating this new grouping of 35 paintings, we are delighted to be presenting these new works, especially when due to Covid restrictions we had to restrict John’s 2020 solo show to an online exhibition.

Browse all his new works online HERE >>