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Mel Cormack-Hicks, Marine House

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Mel Cormack Hicks mugshot for catalogue
Mel Cormack-Hicks


Melanie’s studio at home in the Cotswolds is moments away from the woodlands she walks daily and paints within. A base in Beer also allows her to explore the Jurassic coastline where she can be found on the beach in all weathers. In the 90s Mel took a Fine Art Painting degree, going on to teach in secondary school for 20 years. She rediscovered her artist’s voice in Beer creating evocative artwork that mirror the energy she feels whilst painting. Her creation of works en plein air offers opportunities for looser explorations of colour and mark making. Paintings start on location, often requiring only a few additional marks and a lick of varnish once back in the studio.

“I’m constantly surprised by the momentum of my work and how the subject matter takes control. The relinquishment of this control during the initial stages leads to an ever-evolving composition that seems to find its own way to the surface. The final lush daubs of paint and sprayed flashes of ink frame layers of underpainting that become little jewels waiting to be discovered”

Since turning professional Mel has had a number of solo shows. She was selected to exhibit at Saatchi’s The Other Art Fair, was awarded Artist in Residence at the World Wildlife Trust in Slimbridge. Marine House at Beer welcomed Mel in 2019 and she has rapidly become one of the most successful artists exhibiting in the gallery and with us at the art fairs in London, Hong Kong and Singapore.