Ocean View


  • Marine House has some wonderful new work from Mike Bernard. Pen and Wash and some Mixed Media works of local areas (July 2023)
  • Marine House celebrates 25 years in Beer in 2023 and Steam Gallery is 21.
  • Helen Fay has delivered to Steam Gallery her fine and original etchings of her favourite dogs showing their beauty, dignity and character
  • Louise Hawkins hand blown and sand carved glass is etched to produce the most intricate and beautiful pieces depicting flowers, birds, sea creatures and so much more. Well worth a look at her page
  • Steam Gallery is pleased to have John Donaldson‘s beautifully observed local and further afield paintings of meadows, streams and coastal views.
  • Steam Gallery is thrilled to have new work from John Piper showing his remote and magical world of the Cornish tinners’ cottages
  • Sally Bassett draws her inspiration from meadows, woods and mountains bringing snowy landscapes, fields of flowers and autumn leaves. She has a degree in fine art and Steam Gallery is thrilled to be showing her work..
  • Marine House has a wonderful new jewellery supplier – Laura McCarthy makes delicate jewellery from Silver and Gold Vermeil inspired by the wild flowers and hedgerows of her native Devon.
  • Nigel Sharman‘s  paintings of landscapes, harbours, boats and still lifes are semi abstract but with a strong figurative aspect to them. Three new works are available now.
  • Mike Bernard RI new works are selling fast but we still have some mixed-media and line and wash works available.
  • Steam Gallery has some new and exciting semi abstract works from Heidi Archer  showing her love of the South West coastal and rural landscape.