Ocean View

Mike Lambert introduces Marine House and videos


Hi, I’m Mike Lambert. I am the co-owner of Marine House at Beer and Steam Gallery in the lovely fishing village of Beer. Behind me you can see the expanse of Beer beach reaching out to Beer Head. Not surprisingly, it’s a very popular spot for tourists who come from all over Britain and increasingly from around the world. Not only have you got this lovely beach full up with deckchairs in the summer with its fishing boats and Beer with its famous crabs, lobsters and fish.

But Beer’s more than that. It’s a really self-contained little fishing village. Lots of accommodation, loads of restaurants, nice pubs and shops. In fact you really get away from all the hubbub of urban life when you come down here. And not least of all within the confines of Beer are two very nice art galleries, Marine House at Beer and Steam Gallery.

I’m standing in front of a lovely painting by the well-known landscape artist, John Hammond that is going to be the subject of this video when he talks about his new works in an upcoming show. We’re going to be holding. Marine House and Steam Gallery have been established in Beer for now almost 11 years and in that time we’ve grown to be I think undoubtedly the finest galleries in Devon. Over those years we’ve got together with perhaps over a hundred artists and craftspeople whose work we represent and from time to time we hold solo shows of their work. John Hammond’s is going to be the next one.

Now as a rule we follow the usual formula where we create a catalogue and send it to people of the new paintings and we advertise them in magazines and newspapers. This time we thought we’d add to that by getting onto the technology bandwagon by producing a video of John talking about some of his favourite paintings that will appear in the show. And I think you’ll find his comments intriguing.

If you like it, do let us know. Give us some feedback by email and things because the plan is to produce further videos during the year of some of our top artists, particularly Mike Bernard, Michael Morgan and Martin Procter. So tell us what you think!