Ocean View

Current Covid-19 Guidelines

Marine House at Beer and Steam Gallery are now open!

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Break free from the lockdown blues as a cornucopia of colour and delight awaits you with the re- opening of Marine House and Steam Gallery at Beer.

We are back open 10-5pm daily, and we are excited to introduce new artists Nancy Chambers and Anne Goldberg both of whom are noted still life painters. In addition, we have new works to show from many of our regular artists, potters and glassmakers including Mel Cormack-Hicks, John Piper, Amanda Popham and Allister Malcolm.

To add to your pleasure, our timing has also been perfect for our first solo show of 2021. We host the outstanding landscape artist Mike Bernard RI in his fourteenth solo show with us over our 20 year partnership. This show, presenting 40 new works, starts on Saturday 17 April and runs to April 30. This is a must see exhibition and the works, available now, can also be viewed on our website.

We look forward to seeing old friends and welcoming new ones over the forthcoming months!

Mike and Rosemary; Julia, Carolyn, Lisa, Pamela, Sue, Jools, Irene, Bruce and Woo.